Partnership with management and employees

Our philosophy is to align financial incentives between shareholders, managers and employees. Managers are required to co-invest alongside us. Additionally they are given the opportunity to increase their stakes through stock options linked to the company’s financial performance as well as their own individual and team performance. Employees are also usually given the opportunity to participate in the value creation through share access plans.

Our strategy is to team up with proven high quality management teams through co-investments in the acquisition of a shared majority and control position. Managers keep on taking day to day operational decisions whereas Equinox Industries’ partners are active board members where they help craft the strategy, assign realistic goals to the company and work with management on a regular and hands-on manner.

Friendly approach

During the negotiation and structuring phases we are looking at achieving a broad consensus with all stakeholders. Sacrifices as well as future rewards must clearly be understood and born by everybody. That is why we work closely with every stakeholders: existing shareholders, managers, financial and trade creditors as well as employees with a common, goal: the success and growth of the company.

We usually try to benefit from the know-how as well as the business and industry experience of existing shareholders. This value added is often realized through board memberships or management positions.

We indeed do believe that only a consensual and non hostile approach can lead to a going concern business, a key success factor for creating long term sustainable value.