An Industrial Holding Company

Founded in 1999 Equinox Industries is an industrial holding company that invests private equity money in a non hostile and consensual way in businesses faced with turnaround, restructuring or shareholding issues. Our money is used to finance a restructuring (redundancy plan, creditors’ buyouts), a growth scenario (capital expenditures, working capital requirements), as well as a buyout of existing shareholders.

Equinox Industries typical investment ranges from €5 millions to €30 millions in established sound businesses operating in profitable industries or niches. We primarily focus on business to business opportunities with a preference for service companies.

Equinox Industries is an active member of the Enterprise Recovery Association (ARE) as well as the Turnaround Management Association.


Long term investors

Differences of investment’s timeframes between investors and management are sometimes sources of great frustrations. Managers are reluctant to develop and execute a long term strategy thinking that investors are looking for a quick flip. Attractive strategic opportunities may thus be missed due to an excess of short term views.

We at Equinox Industries realize the importance of a true business plan and of a sound and realistic strategy. As a matter of fact we think that business plans usually take many years before producing their full effects. Whereas many investment funds focus on short term play we, as holding company, believe in long term value creation.

Being a strategic partner and not constrained by one shot investments unlike most funds we always look at add-on acquisitions or at further capital expenditures requiring additional equity capital.