Industrial Focus

Equinox Industries is an industrial holding company as opposed to a private equity fund. This gives us more flexibility and creativity in the structuring of our investments, allows us to think long term without being under time pressure to possibly sale our portfolio companies, enables us to support our businesses during economic downturns and lastly allows us to fully apply our skills as entrepreneurs and as businessmen.

Knowledge of issues faced by medium sized companies

The managing partners of Equinox Industries have worked in the field in various operational roles, have led companies, held board positions, have been active shareholders and have also started their own businesses. As such we understand very quickly the situations of the businesses we invest in as well as the issues faced by the existing shareholders as well as the management team.

Business focus

Since every business purpose is to provide an answer, product or service, to a market’s need Equinox Industries always does a detailed strategic analysis of the products and marketplaces during the investment process. We always spend significant time on the field with the management teams and the companies that we look at.

Management support

Since a key success factor is an efficient partnership between management and shareholders we invest in high quality management teams, respect their autonomy and provide them with all the tools required to achieve their business plan and lead the company to growth and success .

Financial power

Through our financial resources we are able to complete transactions within tight timeframes in order to close a deal or seize a growth opportunity for existing portfolio companies. Our expertise in financial engineering as well as our flexibility allows us to structure tailor made transactions thereby taking into account all stakeholders’ issues. Our decision center is in Paris which makes us very reactive.