Our criteria

We are looking for high return investments. Those opportunities are often found in turnaround or restructuring situations. Change – be it a product range renewal, a market dynamic shift or a strategic repositioning – holds value for savy investors. Our goal is to provide our portfolio companies and their management teams with the financial means and tools needed to realize their ambitions in order to together create and share value.

We cover all industries and invest as reference shareholder in medium sized businesses whose annual turnover ranges between €10 millions and €150 millions. We are looking at companies that have a proven business model, have attracted clients through a sound product or service offering and that have demonstrated a certain level of financial profitability. We focus on to be restructured subsidiaries of large corporations, overlevered buyouts, underperforming family business as well as straight shareholders’ buyouts.

In every case we work closely with the management team (either an existing one or a new one put in place by us) that will lead the company to success.